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[转帖] 5★冷门 -【ProPiano】坂本龙一(b.1952) 钢琴作品

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5★冷门 -【ProPiano】坂本龙一(b.1952) 钢琴作品

Chitose Okashiro - Ryuichi Sakamoto: Piano Works (2000)

Composer:  Ryuichi Sakamoto (b.1952) 坂本龙一
Artist: Chitose Okashiro piano 冈城千岁 (http://www.chitoseokashiro.com/)
Genre: Contemporary Classical
Label: ProPiano Records
# PPR224532
Year: 2000

坂本龙一:生于1952年,日本新音乐教父, 音乐家, 作曲家, 演员.

坂本龙一渐露头脚始于他与细野晴臣以及高桥幸宏组建的合成器摇滚乐队Yellow Magic Orchestra(YMO);该乐队在1980年代晚期和1990年代早期对acid house和techno运动有着开创式的影响。他和大卫·西尔维安(David Sylvian)合作了一系列单曲和大部分西尔维安的专辑。

他在大岛渚1983年的影片《战俘》(也叫圣诞快乐,劳伦斯先生,Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence)中出演一角,此片的演员有英国摇滚歌手大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)和北野武等。他还为此片写了电影音乐,其中由西尔维安演唱的主题曲“禁色”引起了一定的轰动。

1987年,他为伯纳德·贝托鲁奇(Bernardo Bertolucci)的影片《末代皇帝》所作的音乐获得了奥斯卡奖。他还为彼得罗·阿尔莫多瓦(Pedro Almodovar)的影片高跟鞋(High Heels)以及奥利佛·斯通(Oliver Stone)的野棕榈(Wild Palms)作曲。



坂本龙一应算是日本当代最让人尊崇的音乐家之一。与让·雅尔相比,他在音乐广度上还要更胜一筹,除了在先锋电子乐领域拥有特殊地位外,他和他那著名的乐团Yellow Magic Orches-tra(简称Y.M.O.)还在爵士融合、世界音乐、实验摇滚、电影音乐上有着卓著成就。当然坂本龙一最让中国大众熟悉的莫过于他在电影音乐上的成绩——《末代皇帝》、《小喇嘛》、《圣诞快乐,劳伦斯先生》、《高跟鞋》……而与他合作过的艺人也有无数大师级人物,包括Japan乐队核心大卫·希尔维安、大卫·鲍伊、戴维·拜恩、伊吉·鲍普等。


Pioneer of techno-pop, Academy Award winning film composer, touring performer - Ryuichi Sakamoto enjoys a diverse career as an artist whose music continually challenges traditional categories. Pianist Chitose Okashiro, taking risks that not a single "classical pianist" has been willing to take, recognizing the greatness of the classically trained Sakamoto's piano works, and imbuing them with her own brand of explosively talented genius has herewith set the standard for "independent classical label crossover" achievement. Already a HUGE success in Japan, with sales in excess of 30,000 units, Miss Okashiro herewith reveals the complete arsenal of Sakamoto's prowess… a prowess that lands him in the position (arguably) of the world's most important composer. Included on this CD are the hugely impressionistic and French like pieces that ONLY a trained classical pianist can play with the simplicity and grace required to foster their most sublime effects.

    Sakamoto wrote the music for the films The Last Emperor and Snake Eyes and for the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics. The piano music, as represented here, falls into two broadly defined camps. The first (Suite and La Dispersion, La Limite, Le Sable, 1970 and 1976 respectively) is trendily avant-garde (at least for the 1970s) as spun by Messiaen and Stockhausen. The second camp further falls into two sections. The first is best grouped with Kapustin (whose own interpretations are soon to be issued by Boheme International in a 2CD set previously limited to the Japanese market), Lionel Sainsbury and Billy Mayerl. In this mode he is jazzy in a cool Manhattan way as in Tong Poo (where the second pianist is J Y Song) and Grasshoppers. The second is closer to Satie and Ravel. I single out the slow-swirling gauze of Bachata, the gracious old world dream dances of Intermezzo, the grace of Energy-Flow, the glycerine-filtered nostalgia of Parisian memories in Chanson and the Satiesque stillness of Lorenz and Watson which yet catches half-lights of Gershwin and Bernstein (in his concert songs). The fare is light and yet has enough emotional and intellectual fibre (often of a nostalgic caste) to stop the mind drifting. The pianist's interpretations are endorsed by the composer. The sound is well-rounded.

    Review by Rob Barnett, Amazon.com

    A native of Japan, Miss Okashiro won numerous honors in Japanese and international competitions including The Overseas Delegation Prize, The Japan America Association's Competition, The 1993 International Chopin Competition in Texas, The Young Artists International Competition and The 1993 Pro Piano Artist of The Year Award. She received early musical education at Toho High School of Music, her Bachelor's Degree from Toho University in Tokyo, Master's Degree from The Juilliard School with Herbert Stessin, and Professional Studies Program at Manhattan School of Music under Karl Ulrich Schnabel, son of legendary pianist Artur Schnabel. In addition, Ms. Okashiro has appeared with conductors such as Alexander Vedernikov and Louis Fremaux among others and with orchestras all over the world including the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Argentina National Symphony Orchestra, the Chautaqua Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre Symphonique de Sherbrooke in Canada and many others.

    Miss Okashiro's discography includes 11 CDs, all of which have received considerable acclaim from many respected music critics. Her seventh release, an adventurous recording of Piano Transcription of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.6, Pathetique, eighth and ninth releases, Sakamoto Piano Works I & II, tenth release, Piano Transcription of Mahler's Symphony No.1, Titan, and eleventh release, Beatles Piano Transcriptions were all on the hit chart in Japan. Her sixth release, Wagner Piano Transcriptions, received HMV Award in Japan, and her Mahler’s Titan Piano Transcription CD was chosen “Recording of the Year” on MusicWeb International in England. Her Tchikovsky’s Pathetique Piano Transcription received “Recommande” on Classica magazine in France, received 5 stars on Diapason magazine in France and was chosen “CD of the month” on Piano magazine in Germany. Her fifth release was her critically acclaimed all Scriabin CD featuring the world premiere recording of “The Poem of Ecstasy”, which also received “Recommande” on Repertoire magazine in France and 5 stars on Diapason magazine in France. This was a two piano version transcribed by Conus-Okashiro. It used an “over dub multi-track recording technique” allowing Miss Okashiro to play both piano parts (something never before attempted), to achieve a more colorful piano sound throughout the entirety of the instrument’s vast harmonic register. In other words, “she does not like ordinary projects”.


01. Tong Poo - For Four Hands (04:54)
02. Bachata (05:52)
03. Intermezzo (04:27)
04. Sonatine (02:38)
05. Chanson (02:49)
06. Just for Me (04:15)
07. Choral No.1 (02:09)
08. Choral No.2 (02:51)
09. Energy Flow (03:37)
10. Opus (04:39)
11. Lorenz and Watson (04:07)
12. Vivace Scherzando (01:34)
13. Lento (01:09)
14. Risoluto (01:30)
15. La Dispersion, La Limite, Le Sable (11:21)
16. Grasshoppers (03:12)
17. River (01:22)

TT: 63'23

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坂本龙一(b.1952) 钢琴作品,没听过,感谢分享!
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