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【Country Blues, Delta Blues】Lead Belly - The Library Of Congress R

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Artist:  Lead Belly
Album:  The Library Of Congress Recordings 1 - 6
Genre:   Country Blues, Delta Blues, Folk
Labe: Rounder Records
Recording Date: 1991 - 1994
Format: CD
Quality:  FLAC
Size: 1.1 GB


In early July of 1933, Alan and John Lomax visited Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana with the intention of recording the music of the inmates who lived there. That day, Huddie Ledbetter, aka Leadbelly, cut his first recorded version of what became known as "Goodnight Irene" and 11 other songs, opening a career that would keep his name alive more than a half-century after his death, carried far beyond the boundaries of Louisiana and the United States. Those sides are not on this CD but the sides that he cut on their next visit, a year later, are here. The runs, fills, fingerpicking, and strumming heard on this disc are at a virtuoso level to match the work of just about any bluesman playing in 1934.

On "Ella Speed," which clocks in at nearly six minutes, Leadbelly doesn't even keep a particularly quick tempo, yet he generates a range of sound suggesting that more than his lone guitar is accompanying him. "Red River" is just as startling, with Leadbelly shouting out the lyrics like a field holler as his guitar chimes and surges, alternating the lyrical and sweet with the emphatic and powerful. There are a number of classics-to-be on this disc, including the title track, "Irene," "Take a Whiff on Me," and "Roberta," making this an essential piece of Leadbelly's output. The CD transfer is clean enough to pull out some of the ambient sound behind the performance, giving a vague sense of the space and place. There were earlier blues recordings, to be sure, and Leadbelly recorded hundreds of songs in the 15 years that followed, but the impact of these early recordings cannot be underestimated.  AMG

Midnight Special -- The Library of Congress Recordings, V. 1
1. Irene            
2. Irene           
3. Matchbox Blues           
4. Midnight Special           
5. Governor O. K. Allen        
6. Frankie & Albert           
7. Ella Speed           
8. Red River           
9. Get Up In The Mornin'        
10. You Don't Know My Mind           
11. I'm Sorry Mama           
12. Take A Whiff On Me           
13. DeKalb Blues        
14. Roberta           
15. Careless Love
Huddie Ledbetter was discovered in Angola Penitentiary by John and Alan Lomax in 1934, and over the next dozen years Lead Belly committed an extraordinary body of work to the safekeeping of the archives of the Library of Congress. With a memory that stretched back to the 19th century and a wit that addressed topical issues, Lead Belly spun an incomparable body of lore for the microphone of Alan Lomax. Rounder's editions of his Library of Congress recordings are the first American label issues of this material available for nearly 20 years. This first volume contains some of the earliest recordings, including some made while Lead Belly was still in Angola. . . . A varied and valuable portrait emerges from these first recordings of a man whose music measured up to his myth." --Record Roundup

Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil In -- The Library of Congress Recordings, V. 2
1. C. C. Rider            
2. Governor Pat Neff           
3. Becky Dean           
4. Medicine Man           
5. Alberta           
6. Old Rattler           
7. If It Wasn't For Dicky           
8. Queen Mary        
9. Turn Yo' Radio On           
10. Mama, Did You Bring Any Silver           
11. The Bourgeois Blues           
12. Po' Howard           
13. Dance Calls           
14. Gwine Dig A Hole To Put The Devil In           
15. Green Corn
Further facets of Leadbelly's repertoire (and African-American folk song of the early 20th century) are presented in the 15 performances here. Along with more examples of early blues and ragtime, Leadbelly performs songs which derive from Anglo-Irish tradition ("Mama Did You Bring Me Any Silver?" and "If It Wasn't for Dicky"). The frantic "Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil in" is a fascinating 19th century relic with a rhythm akin to primitive zydeco. Not everything here is so archaic: "The Bourgeois Blues" is Leadbelly's commentary on racist housing practices in Washington, D.C. --Mark Humphrey, in Record Roundup 80

Let It Shine on Me -- The Library of Congress Recordings, V. 3
1. Monologue On The Mourner's Bench           
2. You Must Have That Religion, Halleloo           
3. Backslider, Fare Thee Well           
4. Must I Be Carried To The Sky           
5. Down In The Valley To Pray         
6. Let It Shine On Me           
7. Run Sinners        
8. Ride On         
9. Howard Hughes         
10. When I Was A Cowboy           
11. Leaving Blues           
12. The Roosevelt Song         
13. The Scottsboro Boys           
14. No Good ("Noted") Rider           
15. Blues Around New York         
16. Mr. Hitler
This volume of Leadbelly's Library of Congress recordings presents several sacred songs, including six exquisite a cappella performances which are as moving as anything Leadbelly ever recorded. He discusses with Lomax the country dances he attended in his youth and demonstrates the music heard at these "sukey jumps." And he shows he had an eye for current events, demonstrated in songs about newsmakers of the day: "Howard Hughes," "Mr. Hitler," "The Scottsboro Boys," and "The Roosevelt Song." --Mark Humphrey

The Titanic -- The Library of Congress Recordings, V. 4
1. Blind Lemon Blues            
2. Mister Tom Hughes' Town           
3. Shreveport Jail           
4. Don't You Love me No More           
5. Henry Ford Blues           
6. Julie Ann Johnson           
7. Angola Blues (So Doggone Soon)         
8. Dallas & Fort Worth Blues        
9. Mary Don't You Weep         
10. Easy Mr. Tom           
11. I Ain't Bothered A Bit           
12. Boll Weevil           
13. The Titanic           
14. Red Cross Sto'           
15. Fo' Day Worry Blues           
16. Hesitation Blues           
17. Take Me Back           
18. Tight Like That           
19. Sail On Little Girl
Recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress between 1939 and 1943, the songs on this 68-minute release include many of the blues, folk and work songs that played a pivotal role in the development of Leadbelly's style. Included are "Blind Lemon Blues," "Boll Weevil," "Tight Like That," "Angola Blues (So Doggone Soon)," "Hesitation Blues," and more.

Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen -- The Library of Congress Recordings, V. 5
1. Ho Day            
2. One Dollar Bill Baby        
3. Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More         
4. Shorty George           
5. Ha-ha Thisaway         
6. Where de Sun Gone Down           
7. Bring Me Water Silvy        
8. Monkey Man           
9. Ain't Gonna Ring Dem Yallow Woman's Do' Bells        
10. Rock Island Line           
11. Billy The Weaver         
12. Ain't Gonna Drink No More           
13. New York City           
14. The Hindenburg Disaster, Part 1         
15. The Hindenburg Disaster, Part 2           
16. Git On Board           
17. Outshine The Sun           
18. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen           
19. Little John Henry
Recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress in the early '40s, this volume includes one of Leadbelly's signature tunes, "Rock Island Line." Other tracks include "Ain't Gonna Drink No More," "The Hindenburg Disaster," and more.

Go Down Old Hannah -- The Library of Congress Recordings, V. 6
1. T.B. Blues            
2. How Long?         
3. When The Train Comes Along           
4. Monologue on Square Dances or Sookey Jumps         
5. Monologue on The Blues        
6. Amazing Grace           
7. Old Time Religion           
8. Stand Your Test In Judgement           
9. Christmas (monologue)           
10. John Henry           
11. John Hardy           
12. Go Down Old Hannah           
13. Oh, Something On My Mind           
14. How Long?           
15. Swing Low Sweet Chariot           
16. Ain't Gonna Study War No More           
17. Join The Band           
18. Prayer
Leadbelly pays tribute to the spirituals that moved him, ("Swing ì Low Sweet Chariot," "Amazing Grace," "Old Time Religion") as well ì as blues songs like "T.B. Blues," derived from Victoria Spivey's ì influential 1926 recording. In a couple of fascinating spoken ì sections, he talks with Alan Lomax about Christmas and about ì square dances (which he called "sukey jumps").

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