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Nina Simone 24bit 多张,慢慢更新

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01. Nina Simone - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.flac
02. Chris Connor - A Cottage For Sale.flac
03. Carmen McRae - Old Devil Moon.flac
04. Nina Simone - I Loves You Porgy.flac
05. Chris Connor - Try A Little Tenderness.flac
06. Carmen McRae - You Made Me Care.flac
07. Nina Simone - For All We Know.flac
08. Chris Connor - What Is There To Say.flac
09. Carmen McRae - Too Much In Love To Care.flac
10. Nina Simone - African Mailman.flac
11. Chris Connor - Goodbye.flac
12. Carmen McRae - Last Time For Love.flac

她是上一个世纪成就最非凡的爵士女歌手之一,一位能够完美地运用音乐去讲述故事的歌者——妮娜西蒙(Nina Simon)。她以极大的歌唱天赋,为这个世界创造了包含灵魂释放,精神力量,激情以及爱的音乐篇章。
  Nina Simone拥有宽广深厚,如天鹅绒般质感的独特歌声。她炉火纯青的演唱技巧、细腻流转的感性歌声及到位的情绪张力,也重新赋予每一首歌曲新的生命,丝丝入扣的紧拉住听者的耳朵,让听者从心底里发出真切的共鸣。
  对于平时不怎么听爵士音乐的人来说,知道Nina Simone的可能性大概只有一个,就是从各路媒体对Norah Jones的介绍里。那类文章里会说Norah Jones的名曲《Turn me on》就翻唱自Nina Simone,说她继承了Nina Simone那种勇于将各路音乐形式融入爵士乐的气魄,说Norah Jones是Nina Simone的21世纪版。



Label: Verve Reissues
Quality: 24-bit 192KHz

One of her most pop-oriented albums, but also one of her best and most consistent. Most of the songs feature dramatic, swinging large-band orchestration, with the accent on the brass and strings. Simone didn't write any of the material, turning to popular European songsmiths Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, and Anthony Newley, as well as her husband, Andy Stroud, and her guitarist, Rudy Stevenson, for bluesier fare. There are really fine tunes and interpretations, on which Simone gives an edge to the potentially fey pop songs, taking a sudden (but not uncharacteristic) break for a straight jazz instrumental with "Blues on Purpose." The title track, a jazzy string ballad version of the Screamin' Jay Hawkins classic, gave the Beatles the inspiration for the phrasing on the bridge of "Michelle."
01 - I Put A Spell On You (Album Version)
02 - Tomorrow Is My Turn (Album Version)
03 - Ne Me Quitte Pas (Album Version)
04 - Marriage Is For Old Folks (Album Version)
05 - July Tree (Album Version)
06 - Gimme Some (Album Version)
07 - Feeling Good (Album Version)
08 - One September Day (Album Version)
09 - Blues On Purpose (Album Version)
10 - Beautiful Land (Album Version)
11 - You've Got To Learn (Album Version)
12 - Take Care Of Business (Album Version)


FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/192 kHz | Time - 38:38 minutes | 1.65 GB | Genre: Jazz, Blues
Official Digital Download - Source: HDTracks | Front Cover | © Verve Records
Recorded: March and April 1964 and January, October, November 1965 in New York.

Wild Is the Wind is Nina Simone's sixth album with the Philips record label and was produced by Hal Mooney. The songs are actually a compilation from a number of different recording sessions for other albums released on Philips. Notable tracks on the album include "Break Down and Let It All Out" and "Four Women."

Nina Simone recorded the title track, originally popularized by Johnny Mathis, twice: it appears on her 1959 live album and again on this 1966 release. David Bowie's mid-1970s cover version was inspired by the rendition on this album and was recorded after Bowie met Simone. Also includes one of Simone's signature tunes, the stereotype-fighting Four Women, her only original number on this album. An anthem for the Civil Rights movement, the single was banned upon release by a New York jazz radio station due to what was considered controversial lyrical content at the time.

This album was apparently a bit of a pastiche of leftovers from sessions for Nina Simone's four previous albums on Philips. But you'd never guess from listening; the material is certainly as strong and consistent as it is on her other mid-'60s LPs. As is the case with most of her albums of the time, the selections are almost unnervingly diverse, ranging from jazz ballads to traditional folk tunes ("Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair") to the near calypso of "Why Keep on Breaking My Heart" to the somber, almost chilling title track. Highlights are two outstanding pop-soul numbers written by the pre-disco Van McCoy ("Either Way I Lose," "Break Down and Let It All Out") and "Four Women," a string of searing vignettes about the hardships of four African-American women that ranks as one of Simone's finest compositions. -Richie Unterberger

1. I Love Your Lovin' Ways 02:39
2. Four Women 04:28
3. What More Can I Say? 02:52
4. Lilac Wine 04:18
5. That's All I Ask 02:33
6. Break Down And Let It All Out 02:41
7. Why Keep On Breaking My Heart 02:37
8. Wild Is The Wind (Live In New York, 1964) 07:00
9. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Live In New York, 1964) 03:28
10. If I Should Lose You 04:00
11. Either Way I Lose 02:450



FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/192 kHz | Time - 1:02:11 minutes | 2,57 GB | Genre: Jazz

Nina Simone's Finest Hour is a compilation of the American singer's hit titles. The record includes tracks "I Put a Spell on You', "My Baby Just Cares for Me", "Wild Is the Wind", "Work Song" and more!

Nina Simone communicates with a unique force on this Finest Hour collection, a welling, riveting power that's beyond the range of other singers. It's there whether the song is romantic or political, whimsical or sentimental, and these recordings from the 1960s demonstrate the range of material that she could make her own, from Gershwin to Jacques Brel, from Screamin' Jay Hawkins to Nat Adderley. With her own civil rights era anthems like 'Mississippi Goddam' and the Brecht-Weill 'Pirate Jenny,' Simone commands our attention with a profoundly brooding, searing rage, while there's potent sensuality in her 'Wild Is the Wind' and Willard Robison's 'Don't Smoke in Bed.' Whether she's accompanying herself with her spare piano or defying studio orchestras with the intensity of her performance, Simone is a special singer, her art consisting in stripping away the decorative artifice of a song to reveal a molten core beneath.

"Verve's Finest Hour collection of Nina Simone's work compiles 60 minutes of career highlights, including 'Wild Is the Wind,' 'I Put a Spell on You,' 'Four Women,' 'I Loves You, Porgy,' and 'My Baby Just Cares for Me.' Though it's by no means a definitive compilation of Simone's music, it does provide a welcome overview of her Verve years." -Heather Phares

1. Love Me Or Leave Me 04:07
2. Wild Is The Wind 07:00
3. I Put A Spell On You 02:36
4. Work Song 03:07
5. Don't Explain 04:22
6. The Other Woman 03:06
7. Mississippi Goddam 04:56
8. Four Women 04:27
9. Pirate Jenny 06:41
10. I Loves You Porgy 02:33
11. This Year's Kisses 03:01
12. Little Girl Blue 04:20
13. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 02:46
14. Ne Me Quitte Pas 03:38
15. Don't Smoke In Bed 05:31



FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 33:00 minutes | 684 MB | Genre: Jazz

Nina Simone's 1969 gem finds the legendary singer performing pop, rock and folk classics, a far departure from her usual blues and jazz standards. To Love Somebody includes compositions by Leonard Cohen, Pete Seeger, Barry Gibbs, Robin Gibbs and Bob Dylan. Standouts include "Suzanne," "Revolution" and "To Love Somebody." The album showcases Simone's versatility and proves that she was one of the greatest powerhouse vocalists in music history.

No slouch as a songwriter herself, Nina Simone ably picked a variety of compositional classics from the new rock era for her 1969 LP To Love Somebody. Opening with a beautiful, introspective version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne," Simone shows an obvious affinity for social statements with the Byrds' "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)" and a trio of Dylan standards: "I Shall Be Released," "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," plus a dramatic, meditative "The Times They Are A-Changin'." The title track, originally a 1967 hit for the Bee Gees and one year later for the Sweet Inspirations, suffers slightly from a weak, commercial-slanted arrangement, but her lone original, the two-part "Revolution," is a great blend of blues-rock and soul testifying. Among a rut of jazz vocalists making the worst of a bad situation during the late '60s, To Love Somebody is a rare success.

01 - Suzanne
02 - Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is a Season)
03 - Revolution (Part 1)
04 - Revolution (Part 2)
05 - To Love Somebody
06 - I Shall Be Released
07 - I Can't See Nobody
08 - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
09 - The Times They Are a Changin'



FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/192 kHz | Time - 35:50 minutes | 1,61 GB | Genre: Jazz

Nina Simone is accompanied on this classic 1967 release by a large orchestra, arranged and led by Hal Mooney.

Neither strictly jazz nor soul, the material here is eclectic as Simone interprets these covers in her

inimitable style. The album also includes two original songs, the sparse and intimate Come Ye featuring Simone

accompanied by nothing but percussion and the centerpiece track, Take Me To The Water.

Perhaps a bit more conscious of contemporary soul trends than her previous Philips albums, this is still very

characteristic of her mid-'60s work in its eclectic mix of jazz, pop, soul, and some blues and gospel. Hal

Mooney directs some large band arrangements for the material on this LP without submerging Simone's essential

strengths. The more serious and introspective material is more memorable than the good-natured pop selections

here. The highlights are her energetic vocal rendition of the Oscar Brown/Nat Adderley composition "Work Song"

and her spiritual composition "Come Ye," on which Simone's inspirational vocals are backed by nothing other

than minimal percussion.

01 - Don't You Pay Them No Mind
02 - I'm Gonna Leave You
03 - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
04 - Keeper Of The Flame
05 - The Gal From Joe's
06 - Take Me To The Water
07 - I'm Going Back Home
08 - I Hold No Grudge
09 - Come Ye
10 - He Ain't Comin' Home No More
11 - Work Song
12 - I Love My Baby



Nina Simone - Baltimore 1978



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01. Nina Simone - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

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